PPS27XM Extreme Temperature Measurement

Our PPS27XM Permanent Monitoring System is an extreme temperature monitoring system designed for use in oil thermal recovery and geothermal applications.

The main components of our PPS27XM are: pressure sensor, thermocouple sensor(s), wellhead outlet, and surface unit. The pressure sensor and thermocouple sensor(s) are deployed into the wellbore and connected to the surface unit. The main functions of the surface unit include system configuration, data logging, data display, and purging.

Our PPS27XM components are manufactured to be highly durable and configurable to customer requirements. Using PPS software, the surface unit can be configured, calibrated, used to download data and view data in real time.

Temperature Range 0 to 300 °C (or higher)
Accuracy ±2.2 °C or 0.75% of FS
Material SS316L
Sensor Type Capillary pressure sensor
Pressure Range 0 to 3 kpsi (up to 10kpsi if required)
Pressure Accuracy <±1% (FS)
Pressure Chamber Configurable to customer requirements
Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to 65 °C
Power Supply 100-240VAC or 24VDC
Enclosure NEMA4
Sampling Rate 1s to 1hr/sample
On-Board Flash Memory Capacity 8,000,000 max
Data Transfer Modbus/RTU
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