The PPS positive mud pulse MWD tool was developed by Pioneer Petrotech in order to address the needs of customers engaged in horizontal and directional drilling. It provides the following survey/directional measurements: inclination, azimuth, dip angle, high-side/magnetic tool face, earth gravity and magnetic field.

Drilling Mechanics Information

  • Rotational speed of the drillstring
  • Smoothness of that rotation
  • Severity of any vibration downhole
  • Downhole temperature
  • Torque and weight on bit, measured near the drill bit
  • Mud flow volume

PulseLink bottom end PulseLink Bottom End

PPS’s unique down-hole coding and surface detection methods ensure the integrity of the real-time data from loss and disruption. A downhole vibration detection circuit provides real time data to the surface, visually displaying vibration levels for the operator, so they can change drilling parameters to protect the MWD tool.



Tool OD1.875"
Shock1,000 g, 0.5 mSec, half-sine
Vibration20 g RMS, 15-500 Hz
Pressure Rating20,000 psi @ 150 °C (137,900 kPa @ 300 °F)
Temperature Rating150 °C (302 °F) | 175 °C (347 °F) available upon request
Power SourceLithium Battery
Operating Time200+ hours; dependent on configuration
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For more information please Email: sales@pioneerps.com

Survey/Directional Measurement Parameters
Tool Face Update Rate9 seconds
Short Survey TimeMinimum 95 seconds
Long Survey TimeMinimum 120 seconds
Directional MeasurementsRangeSensor AccuracyResolution
Inclination0 ˜ 180 °± 0.1 °0.04 °
Azimuth0 ˜ 360 °± 0.5 °0.09 °
Tool Face0 ˜ 360 °± 1 °0.70 °
TMF0 ˜ 76 µT° 0.003 µT0.074 µT
GT0 ˜ 1.100 g± 0.003 g0.001 g
Dip-90 ° ˜ +90 °0.3 °0.1 °
Other MeasurementsRangeSensor AccuracyResolution
Gamma Ray0 ˜ 300 API± 5%1.53 API
Pressure0 ˜ 20,000 psi± 0.05%FS psi0.61 psi
Temperature0 ˜ 175 °C± 1 °C0.59 °C
For more information please Email: sales@pioneerps.com