The PPS71 Elite Geothermal Tools are designed for extreme, high temperature downhole conditions. The robust electronics combined with vacuum flask technology allow these products to perform at 350 °C (662 °F) continuously, for four hours. The tool measures pressure, temperature, casing collar location, flow profile and gamma rays, and can be configured as either a memory tool or surface read out tool (SRO) tool. The measurements are done with a highly accurate silicon-sapphire (piezo) transducer, a fast response resistance temperature detector (RTD), either a continuous or fullbore spinner flowmeter, magnetic CCL and sensitive gamma ray crystal which detects incoming gamma rays from the formation.

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Pressure Sensor TypeSilicon Sapphire
Pressure Range5K psi | 10K psi
Accuracy± 0.03% FS
Resolution0.0003% FS
Temperature Sensor TypeRTD (Pt1,000; 4-wire)
Temperature Range300 °C (572 °F) | 350 °C (662 °F)
Accuracy± 0.5 °C
Resolution0.01 °C
Flow Profile Sensor TypeReed Switch/magnetic
Spinner Range5 – 7,000 RPM
Accuracy (< 20 RPS)± 0.5 revolution
Accuracy (> 20 RPS)± 0.25 revolution
Resolution (< 20 RPS)0.5 RPS
Resolution (> 20 RPS)0.1 RPS
Gamma Sensor TypeCrystal, NaI
SensitivityTypically 1.7 CPS/API