By using vibration as a leading indicator of equipment health, operators can recognize issues and plan preventative maintenance thereby protecting and increasing pump longevity. As well pressure data can prompt operators to vary the pump speed, maximizing pump efficiency and production, all while maintaining bottom-hole pressure.

Having the ability to control the pump is essential to maintaining optimum pump lifting efficiency. Using PCPLink operators can monitor pressure, and temperature. Using these values, alarms can be setup for monitoring and control of the pump.


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PCPLink Specifications Rev. 01, 2015-10-31

Pressure SensorDual Silicon-Sapphire
Pressure Range6,000 psi
Temperature Range20 to 125 °C
Vibration SensorMEMS Accelerometer

PCPLink HP/HT Specifications Rev. 00, 2017-01-31
Pressure SensorDual SOI Technology
Pressure Range10Kpsi or 15Kpsi on request
Pressure Accuracy±0.03% FS
Pressure Resolution0.015% FS
Temperature Range20 to 150 °C or 180°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C
Temperature Resolution0.01°C @ 1 sec gate time
Vibration SensorMEMS Accelerometer