The PPS62XM Pressure & External RTD Gauge combines a piezo sensor with a highly accurate RTD probe to allow users to obtain fast pressure and temperature responses. This product is primarily designed for detecting tubing and casing leakage problems. The gauge can be run in tandem with a depth measurement system, such as the PPS36 DepthWatcher which will enable the user to record line tension, speed and depth inconjunction with downhole data from the gauge.


  • Stimulation Monitoring
  • Pressure Build-Up Tests & Gradients
  • Production Tests
  • Interference Tests
  • Injection Pressure Monitoring
  • Coil Tubing Operation

PPS62 Case PPS62XM in weatherproof case

The SmartView software has a very user friendly interface, so operators with minimal experience can feel confident running the gauges and retrieving data. Also once the gauge is programmed with the desired sampling rates and durations, jobs can be run consecutively without needing to reprogram the gauge, saving time onsite.



Sensor TypePiezo / RTD
Pressure Ranges10K psi
Pressure Accuracy± 0.03% FS
Pressure Resolution0.0003% FS
Temperature Rating177 °C (350 °F)
Temperature Accuracy± 0.2 °C
Temperature Resolution0.01 °C
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