PPS27 permanent downhole monitoring systems have multiple levels of gauges and surface data acquistion systems. These systems work for diverse applications from low pressure wells to extremely corrosive wells with high concentration carbon dioxide [CO2] and/or hydrogen sulphide [H2S].

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  • Production Optimization
  • Injection Monitoring
  • CO2 Injection Monitoring
  • Observation Well Monitoring
  • Pump System Monitoring
  • Intelligent Completions

SmartWatcher II SmartWatcher II Surface Box

Single or multi-drop permanent gauge completions with an option of gauge reading tubing pressure or annulus pressure are available. All of PPS’s state-of-the-art downhole tools incorporate industry leading sensors, innovative high temperature electronic technology, and an electron beam welded and metal to metal seal housing design.



Series LevelPremium 6KPremium 10K
Sensor TypePiezoPiezo
Pressure Range6K psi10K psi
Pressure Accuracy± 0.03% (FS)± 0.03% (FS)
Pressure Resolution0.020.03
Temperature Range20 °C to 125 °C20 °C to 125 °C
Temperature Accuracy± 0.5 °C± 0.5 °C
Temperature Resolution0.01 °C @ 1 sec0.01 °C @ 1 sec
Additional pressure and temperature ranges available upon request
PPS27 Premium Series Specifications Rev. 02, 2014-12-19

Series LevelElite 10KElite 16KElite 25K
Sensor TypeQuartzQuartzQuartz
Pressure Range10K psi16K psi25K psi
Pressure Accuracy± 0.02% (FS)± 0.02% (FS)± 0.02% (FS)
Pressure Resolution<0.01<0.01<0.01
Temperature Range20 °C to 150 °C20 °C to 177 °C20 °C to 200 °C
Temperature Accuracy± 0.3 °C± 0.3 °C± 0.3 °C
Temperature Resolution<0.005<0.005<0.005
Additional pressure & temperature ranges available upon request
PPS27 Elite Series Specifications Rev. 02, 2014-12-30

Series LevelLPLT-5KLPLT-10K
Sensor TypeQuartzQuartz
Pressure Range5 Kpsi10 Kpsi
Pressure Accuracy± 0.02%(FS)± 0.02%(FS)
Pressure Resolution<0.006 psi @ 1 sec<0.006 psi @ 1 sec
Temperature Range20 °C to 130 °C20 °C to 130 °C
Temperature Accuracy± 0.3 °C± 0.3 °C
Temperature Resolution<0.005 °C @ 1 sec<0.005 °C @ 1 sec
PPS27 LPLT Quartz Gauge Series Specifications Rev. 01, 2014-12-30

Series LevelVibration
Sensor TypeSilicon Sapphire
Pressure Range6 Kpsi
Pressure Accuracy± 0.03%(FS)
Pressure Resolution0.02 psi @ 1 sec
Temperature Range20 °C to 125 °C
Temperature Accuracy± 0.5 °C
Temperature Resolution<0.01 °C @ 1 sec
Vibration Range± 12g
Vibration Accuracy2.9 mg
PPS27 Vibration Gauge Series Specifications Rev. 01, 2014-12-30