Principles that distinguish PPS

Core Values

PPS aims to be truthful and accountable in every aspect of business and to communicate with transparency at all times. Relationships, with employees and customers, are based on a set of core values - honesty, integrity and respect for people. These relationship building blocks in addition to innovation, responsiveness, teamwork and safety to provide the foundation for everything PPS does.


PPS is committed to:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Safety
  • Principle 1: Trustworthiness

    PPS believes that building trust is guided by three core values; Honesty, Integrity and Respect. At PPS the goal is to have customers and employees know they are dealing with a company that values them and will always treat them with fairness and decency.

    Principle 2: Innovation

    Innovation has been a guiding force for PPS over its lifetime. For PPS maintaining a strong long-term position and securing growth for the future in the competitive landscape has always been based on developing new ideas, finding great talent and increasing the depth of its experience. PPS's efforts focus on providing tools that work more efficiently than what the market currently offers. This standard of constant improvement is what makes industry leader and will continue to propel PPS forward in the future.

    Principle 3: Reliability

    PPS works to achieve superior performance in even the most challenging conditions. PPS does this by building electronics that are meant to withstand high temperature demands, housings and seals that prevent gauge leakage and failures, and software that is easy to use and understand. Reliability applies not only to PPS products but to PPS customer service as well. By considering every aspect of the customer experience PPS works to strengthen it; from shipping to quality control to support services.

    Principle 4: Responsiveness

    PPS strives to have open communication and to meet the needs of customers at a moment’s notice. PPS listens, empathizes and works to find the best solution for our customers. With decades of experience in all types of engineering and field operations, PPS knows how to manufacture top quality tools that provide great solutions for customers.

    Principle 5: Safety

    PPS believes in protecting people and the environment by maintaining stringent safety measures and quality controls. PPS takes an orderly approach to health and safety to achieve exceptional results.

    Principle 6: Teamwork

    As a global organization PPS works to develop a sense of teamwork with customers, regional offices and international representatives. This teamwork means PPS can provide the best ideas, the most creative solutions and decades of experience to customers.